About Me

Technical Skills

  • (x)HTML & CSS (experience since 2003, highly skilled)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 (experience since 2010)
  • jQuery (experience since 2008)
  • JavaScript (experience since 2008)
  • XML (usage since 2009)
  • Photoshop (experience since 2003, highly skilled)
  • Usability/User experience (experience since 2006)
  • Search engine optimisation (experience since 2005)
  • Google Analytics (experience since 2005)
  • Semantic web development (experience since 2003)
  • Cross-browser support (experience since 2005)
If you are interested, lets talk
About image
About image

Hello, my name is Salim Rahman. I'm an Web Designer, Graphic Designer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have a passion for creating clean, professional, and strategic designs using the latest technology and trends.

My personal design philosophy is to keep it simple, yet effective. I wouldn't say I'm a minimalist by any means; however, I like to keep my designs clean, professional, and well thought out. I never do something just because it looks good. I always like to have a strategy behind WHY and WHERE I place certain design elements and content. I'm not afraid to use white space. I believe in a world of clutter, what stands out is something clean, simple, and to the point.

I am extremely focussed and dedicated to creating accessible and usable websites using semantic coding, search engine optimisation and the highest standards in front-end web development.